TN 67 (07-23)

SI 00810.015 Types of Income


Social Security Act, Section1612 ;

A. Policy for types of income

1. Types of income

Income is either earned or unearned, and different rules apply to each. Either type may be cash or in-kind.

2. Earned income

Earned income consists of the following types of payments:

  • wages

  • net earnings from self-employment

  • payments for services performed in a sheltered workshop or work activities center

  • royalties earned by an individual in connection with any publication of their work and any honoraria received for services rendered.

3. Unearned income

Unearned income is all income that is not earned income. Some types of unearned income are:

  • annuities, pensions, and other periodic payments

  • alimony and support payments

  • dividends, interest, and royalties (except for royalties mentioned in SI 00810.015A.2. in this section)

  • rents

  • benefits received as the result of another's death to the extent that the total amount exceeds the expenses of the deceased person's last illness and burial paid by the recipient

  • prizes and awards

  • in-kind support and maintenance (ISM)

B. References

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