TN 65 (07-23)

SI 00810.010 Relationship of Income to Resources

A. Policy for relationship of income to resources

In general, anything received in a month, from any source, is income to an individual, subject to the definition of income for SSI purposes in What is Income SI 00810.005.

Anything the individual owned prior to the month under consideration is subject to the resource-counting rules.

An item an individual receives in the current month is income for the current month only. (See exceptions to this general rule in SI 00810.030.)

If held by the individual until the following month, that item is subject to resource-counting rules. (See exception in SI 01110.100 - SI 01110.115.)


Lester Jones receives a dividend check for $300 at the end of May. Lester spends $150 immediately and deposits the remaining $150 in their savings account. Lester's income for May is $300. The June 1 evaluation of Lester's resources will include the $150 saved.

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