TN 224 (05-24)

SI 00830.405 Emergency Assistance


Social Security Act, as amended, sections 1612(a)(2) and 1612(b)(6); 20 CFR 416.1102; 20 CFR 416.1103; 20 CFR 416.1124(c)(2); and 20 CFR 416.1124(c)(12).

A. Introduction

1. Emergency Assistance Defined

Emergency Assistance is the term for a variety of programs offered by States and tribes that provide payments to families to meet emergency needs. States and Indian tribes have the option to tailor their EA programs to fit their needs.

2. Funding Source and Income Test

Some States' EA programs are funded with Federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) money while others are not, and eligibility for some State's programs may be based on income while others are not. (See SI 00830.403 for information on TANF.)

B. Policy

Payments are not income when they are paid from an EA program whose primary purpose is to provide social or medical services (SI 00815.050). All other EA payments are unearned income.

EA payments that are unearned income may be income based on need (IBON, see SI 00830.170), assistance based on need (ABON, see SI 00830.175), or other unearned income.

C. Procedure

Consult regional instructions or contact your RO support staff for specific information about how to treat EA payments in your State.

1. Verifying the Amount of EA Payment

Use documents in the individual's possession to determine the amount and payment date of the EA payment, or contact the agency that made the EA payment.

2. Obtaining EA Payment Information

Consult regional instructions to determine how to obtain information about payments made under an EA program.

Absent regional instructions, contact the agency making the EA payment to verify the amount of the EA payment, the date paid, and the reason for the payment.

a. Information Obtained Orally

If you receive the information about the EA payment orally:

  • process the case based on the oral information, and

  • ask for written confirmation of the information. No follow-up on this request is required.

NOTE: This procedure may be superseded by regional instructions.

b. Oral and Written Information Inconsistent

If the written confirmation you receive later is different from the oral information:

  • adjust the amount of EA counted, based upon the written information, and

  • post the adjusted information to the SSR.

3. Document the File

Document the file to show the amount and date of the EA payment on a report of contact (SSA-5002 or Report of Contact page), the EVID screen or other written documentation from the State, tribe, or TANF agency.

4. Systems Entries

If the EA payment is not income, no systems entries to record the payment are needed.

a. MSSICS Cases

  • If the payment is IBON, enter the information on the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families page (MS 08114.008).

  • If the payment is ABON, enter the information on the Other State, Local, or Tribal Assistance page (MS 08114.019).

  • If the payment is unearned income other than IBON or ABON, enter the information on the Other Income page (MS 08114.064).

b. Non-MSSICS Cases

  • If the payment is IBON, enter it as type F unearned income (SM 01005.180 through SM 01005.200 for initial claims or SM 01305.200 through SM 01305.335 for post-eligibility actions).

  • If the payment is ABON, do not input anything to the SSR, since ABON is excluded from income. (However, if the EA payment is ABON and is made to a deemor, see SI 01320.141A and SM 01305.205.)

  • If the payment is unearned income other than IBON or ABON, enter it as type S income.

D. References

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