SI 00815.000 What Is Not Income

Subchapter Table of Contents
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SI 00815.001What Is Not Income - GeneralTN 4 03-05
SI 00815.050Medical and Social Services, Related Cash, and In-Kind ItemsTN 2 05-95
SI 00815.100Food and Shelter Received During a Medical ConfinementTN 1 04-94
SI 00815.150Personal ServicesTN 1 04-94
SI 00815.200Conversion or Sale of a ResourceTN 1 04-94
SI 00815.250Rebates and RefundsTN 1 04-94
SI 00815.270Income Tax RefundsTN 1 04-94
SI 00815.300Credit Life or Credit Disability Insurance PaymentsTN 2 05-95
SI 00815.350Proceeds of a LoanTN 3 05-03
SI 00815.400Bills Paid By a Third PartyTN 2 05-95
SI 00815.450Replacement of Income Already ReceivedTN 2 05-95
SI 00815.460Return of Erroneous PaymentsTN 2 05-95
SI 00815.500Weatherization AssistanceTN 2 05-95
SI 00815.550Receipt of Certain Noncash ItemsTN 2 05-95
SI 00815.600Wage-Related PaymentsTN 2 05-95
SI BOS00815.050State Of Connecticut Department Of Mental Retardation - Medical And Social Service Funds 
SI BOS00815.051Medical And Social Services, Related Cash, And In-Kind Items - Massachusetts Catastrophic Illness In Children Relief Fund 
SI CHI00815.050(IL) Illinois Family Assistance Program For Mentally Disabled Children 
SI CHI00815.051(MI) Michigan Family Support Subsidy 
SI CHI00815.052Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) - (RTN 410 -- 08/2007) 
SI DAL00815.350Proceeds of a Loan 
SI KC00815.050Missouri Blind Pension 
SI PHI00815.050Adult Services Program Payments 

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