SI NY02003.107 Field Office Responsibilities - Initial and PE (RTS 371 - 06/2003)

A. General

Section 213 of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, P.L. 104-193 required field offices to pay certain underpayments in installments. The State of New York has requested that when a field office becomes aware that a recipient has been receiving home relief from more than one welfare agency, that they contact the first welfare agency so that they are aware that the claimant has moved and has filed for welfare in a new location. (See SI NY02003.080 for large retroactive checks due after 12/01/96.)

B. System Considerations

See SM 01901.000 ff.

The FO is responsible for timely systems input to direct the retroactive SSI payment to the appropriate State/county agency and for the preparation of the SSA-8125, whenever it is not computer generated. When the system does not send an automated SSA-8125, a manual one is necessary. This usually occurs when the case involves a one-time payment or a force payment or when a start date record is involved. The addresses to mail manually prepared SSA-8125s are shown at the end of this supplement. Fax a copy of the completed SSA-8125 to the New York IAR Coordinator at (212) 264-2071..

In general, the system will process and pay a regular monthly SSI check to the recipient while awaiting input from the FO to release the retroactive underpayment to the local agency for IAR purposes. In cases where the system cannot issue the check in routine fashion, interim payment of regular monthly benefits may be accomplished through force payment or manual one-time payment procedures. Due to systems limitations automated one-time payment procedures cannot be used because the first check will always be routed to the local agency regardless of the payee or address of record.

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