SI NY02003.110 - Special Procedures (RTS 371 - 06/2003)

A. Misdirected Payment

Because timing is critical to the IAR process, if an IAR authorization is misdirected, an operations supervisor in the servicing office should immediately telephone an operations supervisor in the servicing office to advise that an authorization has been received and provide the appropriate GR code. The servicing office will prepare a Report of Contact for the file and input the appropriate GR code. The receiving office will forward the IAR authorization to the servicing office without delay and notify the originating agency of the transfer.

B. SSI Recipient is Dead - IAR Involved

Many field offices (FO) have requested clarification on what evidence is acceptable when the recipient had died, an underpayment is due and IAR is involved. For the "current eligibility period," develop acceptable evidence of income, etc. following the general guidelines in SI 00601.100, SI 00820.130, SI 00830.005, SI 00835.005, etc. In general, these guidelines require developing as convincing evidence as possible. Where the recipient is deceased and evidence must be obtained from other sources, accept the evidence from reliable sources if it is convincing and does not conflict with other evidence in the file. Where the evidence source is the State (which has an interest in obtaining maximum reimbursement) and there are no other sources for corroboration, we can accept income and resources information from the State PROVIDED it is creditable and does not conflict with other evidence in file. Therefore, in developing income and resources, have the State provide as much detail about the information it is supplying as possible. Obtain an explanation of the State's developmental guidelines: what is its source for the information, how does it verify, what types of evidence does it consider. Also, check our files, and all systems records, to see what allegations were made and for any evidence previously submitted. If there is no conflict between the information provided by the State and the information we have in files, and the information the State provides seems plausible, accept the evidence and use it in the eligibility/benefit computation. For periods before the "current eligibility period," accept the allegations of the State (in lieu of accepting those allegations from the deceased recipient).

C. Two Welfare Centers

When Interim Assistance is involved, and two welfare centers both paid benefits to the recipient, the FO may contact the centers and advise them to coordinate their reimbursement request. However, only one welfare center may be reimbursed interim assistance and that center is identified by the GR code on the SSR. The Social Security Administration has an agreement with each State to pay only the first retroactive check for IAR. The welfare centers may coordinate and submit one SSA-8125 for both welfare centers since SSA is reimbursing the State and not each individual subdivision of the state. Under no circumstances should a second payment be issued to any State entity. The only exception when more than one welfare center may be reimbursed Interim Assistance is when two or more separate applications are involved, for different periods of eligibility, and there is an unpaid Grant Reimbursement code on each record. Each separate GR code represents a separate IAR authorization (POMS SI 02003.001).

D. SSA-8125 - IAR Accounting Form - Send to the RO

SSA is mandated by law to retain copies of all SSA-8125s for 6 years and 3 months.

The SSA-8125 (Interim Assistance Reimbursement Accounting Form) must be fully completed in all cases. It is SSA's official record for when they pay the State IAR on behalf of an SSI recipient. The Regional Office (RO) is responsible for ensuring timely and complete accounting of the monthly interim assistance reimbursement (IAR) payments. The monthly IAR Activity Lists and the completed SSA-8125s are used to monitor the States' accounting. Furthermore, the signatures of both State and SSA employees are required to make the form valid. Lastly, the name and SSN of the recipient should be printed so that all names can be easily readable for proper filing. The universe (approximately 2000 per month), is too large to query each case individually. For your information, there are over 60 different GR codes in New York and 600 GR codes in New Jersey. Therefore, it is important to complete these forms as clearly and as accurately as possible. Please fax all completed SSA-8125s to the RO at (212) 264-2071.

E. Nonreceipt of IAR Payment