TN 73 (06-20)

SI 02305.103 Developing Ownership of Vehicles - RZs

A. Introduction

This section provides procedures for developing recipient allegations about vehicle ownership during an RZ interview.

B. Description of RZs Completed on MSSICS Screens

Opening a “REDETERMINATION with or without RECAPs” event creates a MSSICS “path” that will guide the interviewer to the appropriate screens to document allegations and evidence relating to ownership of vehicles.

C. Description of Form SSA-8202-BK

There is no question on the SSA-8202-BK specifically designed to obtain vehicle ownership information.

D. Description of Form SSA-8203-BK - Question 19

Question 19 on the SSA-8203-BK — Is your name (or the name of your spouse living with you) on the title of any vehicles (for example, car, truck, boat, camper, motorcycle, etc.)?

E. Procedure

The following are examples when we develop and document allegations of vehicle ownership:

1. Recipient alleges no vehicle ownership and information on SSA records agree

Do not develop vehicle ownership any further.

2. Recipient alleges no vehicle ownership and information on SSA records conflicts

Did the recipient dispose of a resource that we have on record?

  • If yes, and it appears as if the recipient transferred the vehicle for less than fair market value, develop per SI 01150.110 and SI 01730.046.

  • If no, develop as you would in SI 02305.103E.3.

3. Recipient alleges vehicle ownership

Develop as necessary per SI 01130.200.

NOTE: If the SSR indicates that the recipient's alleged motor vehicle was previously excluded, assume the exclusion still applies unless other information conflicts, e.g. vehicle was excluded previously for employment and employment has ended. Document as necessary if any previous reason/basis for exclusion of a vehicle no longer exists.

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