HI 00401.000 Provider and Related Definitions

Subchapter Table of Contents
Provider and Related Definitions
HI 00401.200Providers of Services
HI 00401.205Reasonable Cost Reimbursement
HI 00401.210Under Arrangements
HI 00401.215Termination of Provider Participation
HI 00401.220Services After Termination
HI 00401.225Hospital Defined
HI 00401.230Definition of Emergency Services Hospital
HI 00401.240Psychiatric Hospital
HI 00401.245Certification of Parts of Institutions as Hospitals
Rural Health Clinic
HI 00401.250Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Defined
HI 00401.255Rural Health Clinic Services
Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF)
HI 00401.257Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) Defined
Skilled Nursing Facility
HI 00401.260Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Defined
HI 00401.265Distinct Part of an Institution as a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
HI 00401.270Transfer Agreements
HI 00401.275Christian Science Sanatorium
HI 00401.277Hospice Defined
Home Health Agency
HI 00401.280Home Health Agency (HHA) Defined
HI 00401.285Arrangements by HHA's
HI 00401.290Rehabilitation Centers
HI 00401.295Physician Defined
Physical Therapist
HI 00401.300Physical Therapists in Independent Practice
Reasonable Charge
HI 00401.305Reasonable Charge
HI 00401.310Criteria for Determining a Reasonable Charge
HI 00401.315The Customary Charge
HI 00401.320Determining The Prevailing Charge
HI 00401.325Effect of Waiver of Coinsurance or Deductible on Determination of Actual and Customary Charges
HI 00401.330Negotiated Rates for Laboratory Services
HI 00401.335Reasonable Charge Screens for Injections
Benefit Period
HI 00401.340Benefit Period
HI 00401.345Examples of Benefit Period

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