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HI 00630.110 Deposit Clerk's Procedure - Medicare Outside U.S.

A. Preparation of the SMI premium deposit journal

The Deposit Clerk will enter every SMI premium payment received on the SMI Premium Deposit Journal (SSA-1594) as follows:

Under (1) Batch Numbers, enter the beneficiary's claim number; under (2) Number Individual Premiums Paid, enter number of premium payments (usually one); enter the remittance amount under the appropriate column (3), (4), or (5); if the beneficiary had paid part of their premium by one method and part by another, so that you have entries in more than one of these columns (3, 4, and 5), total the payment in column 6; otherwise, enter the amount shown in column 3, 4, or 5. Make an entry in column 7, Total Amount of Deposit, only of the total amount deposited in one deposit. Column 8 should reflect the deposit number and column 9, the date. The Deposit Clerk's initials will be entered in column 10.

B. Preparing the Certificate of Deposit

A separate Certificate of Deposit (SF-219) will be prepared for the deposit of SMI remittances. The form will be prepared and processed in accordance with the instructions in the Recovery Manual, Section 900, except that the account symbol will be shown as 20X8004.5. Deposits will be numbered consecutively for each fiscal year followed by the letter S. This “S” number, while known as the certificate deposit number, is also the schedule number, so the terms can be used interchangeably.

In addition to the assigned number, the processing center code (DIO's is 8) must be included as part of the deposit number but preceding the fiscal year. Thus, at the beginning of the fiscal year the first number would be 8 (processing center code)—73 (fiscal year)—1S (number assigned)—8-73-1S, 8-73-2S, etc. Upon its return, a copy of the SF-219 will be sent by OF-41 to Fiscal Operations Branch, OA, Room 1-M-9, Annex.

The deposit number and amounts deposited should be entered in the appropriate columns of the SMI Premium Deposit Journal (SSA-1594).

C. Preparation of the SMI premium accounting card

The amount received, whether or not different from the billed amount, will be entered in the “Office Use Only” block on the billing card received from the beneficiary. The Deposit Clerk will then prepare the form SSA-1592 in accordance with the Premium Processing Manual, Section 906. When the remittance is received from a foreign country in U.S. currency, the SSA-1592 will be prepared for the face value of the remittance, that is, the collection fee will not be deducted from the check amount when preparing the SSA-1592. An adding machine tape, showing the amounts on the SMI Premium Accounting Cards and the SSA-1592's, will be hand-carried to the Direct Action Unit for processing. The premium billing cards will be filed on the left side of their respective folders. Any correspondence relating to the SMI remittance will be filed on the right side of the folder after any necessary action has been taken.

D. Handling nonrelated material received in special SMI remittance envelopes

Non-SMI remittance material will be sent to the mailroom by the Deposit Clerk under cover of form OF-41. In the “remarks” portion of the OF-41 advise the mailroom to “Date stamp attached and process in the usual way.” In the event the Deposit Clerk has the folder, write in red on the correspondence “Received in DIO (date) .” After completion of the Deposit Clerk's action the folder should be sent to the appropriate operating component for handling.

E. Use of form letter SSA-L154F

The SSA-L154F is an omnibus form letter to be used for the return of a remittance for various reasons. The reasons given on the letter are self-explanatory. The letter will be prepared in duplicate, checking the appropriate block(s). The person preparing the letter will initial the carbon copy. The original will be used to transmit the item being returned and, if appropriate, a return envelope should be enclosed. If the social security number is known, the carbon copy should be placed in the folder along with the billing card, if there is one. Otherwise, the copy should be retained by the Deposit Clerk as evidence of the item being returned.

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