HI 00630.120 Direct Action Unit Processing of SSA-1592 Remittances

The DAU will verify the SSA-1592's against the tape prepared by the Deposit Clerk.

Check to see that they agree as to number of items and amount. DAU will prepare a form SSA-1479 (Transmittal Slip for Source Material) for EAM, ODO. The form is completed by furnishing the date, checking “Direct Input Preparation Unit,” entering “PREMCO” as the Class of Action, supplying the Batch number (Julian date plus batch number starting at 500 each calendar year) [1] and entering the number of forms in the batch.

A control ledger will be kept showing the batch number, number of forms, total amount of remittances, and date sent to EAM. Upon receipt of the listing produced by the system and delivered to DAU, a check of the log against the output should be made to determine whether all items were processed. The listing will reflect the number and dollar amount of all remittances accepted and will furnish the CAN's of the accounts put out as exceptions. All exceptions will be resolved in DAU and the items will be resubmitted for processing.

It is not necessary to send input for punching every day but all input on hand should be sent for punching prior to the monthly cut-off date. Also, a transmittal slip (SSA-1479) must be prepared even if there is only one item in the batch.



The batch number is a combined entry representing the Julian date plus the actual batch number in the 500 series, for example, if batch number 505 were processed on January 22, 1972, the entry would have been 022505 (Julian date followed by batch number).

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HI 00630.120 - Direct Action Unit Processing of SSA-1592 Remittances - 09/15/1989
Batch run: 09/15/1989