TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.157 Saving a Copy of a Document in a Work Queue

A. Policy

Sometimes a draft of a document must be printed on the laser printer but must still remain in a work queue for final completion. When the original document is moved to a Review Queue or a Print Queue it is no longer available in a Work Queue for final typing. A copy of the document must be made to remain in the Work Queue for later completion.

Do not make a copy of a document until after the original document is complete and has been checked using PF17 and PF2 (see NL 00702.140 and NL 00702.141).

B. Procedure

To make a copy of a document, use the PF5 key following instructions in NL 00702.145. Answer “Create new copy?” “Y” and press ENTER. Press PF10 to escape and delete the first line that reads “#COVER-LETTER” and the second line that reads “#PAGER.”

The new document name will be different than the original name.

The copy can then be used later for completion of the document or it can be deleted when no longer needed.

It may be useful to add a description line using the Control Instruction “.DSC” to the copy to explain why it cannot be processed. It should end with the date the copy of the document was moved to the Review Queue. For example:

.DSC Awaiting final approval and signoff-11/12/92.

The description line should be placed on the very first line of the document and will not appear when the document is printed but will show on the edit screen and in the queue.

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