TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.159 Printing a Final Copy of a Document for Review/File Box

A. Policy

If a document is required to be reviewed in final before it is released, the SSA-573 or other typing instruction should indicate clearly “AFTER PRINTING RETURN TO MOD” and “FILE BOX COPY NEEDED.” For example, a final copy of a notice or memorandum that is signed off by a division director should be returned to the component with a file box copy. (See NL 00702.184 for dating documents that are returned to the component.)

B. Procedure

The typist will make another copy of the document and use PF6 to add a file box to it. The typist will then follow NL 00702.157 to save a copy of a document in the I Queue while having the original and file box copies printed on the laser printer and returned to the component.

After pressing PF6 the prompt will ask “Create Filebox? Y/N”. Answer “Y” and press ENTER. The next screen asks “Special instructions? Y/N,” . This allows for special language to be shown on the filebox itself. If the question is answered “Y”, use entries 03 through 16 to enter the special language.

The second prompt asks “Laser Print Filebox? Y/N.” If the filebox will be printed on the laser printer, answer “Y,”. If the filebox will only be printed on the local TAP printer, answer “N.” Answering “N” will still allow the document to be printed on the laser printer but without the filebox.

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