TN 16 (09-11)

NL 00705.740 Third Party Call-in Letter - Sample

A. Sample of third party call-in letter






                                                       Date: ______________________________

 Case ID: (Insert a non-SSN case identifier.)

Claimant:       (Insert the claimant’s name.)

Addressee Name

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

City, State Zip code  


Dear (Mr. or Ms.) (Last name):


We are the office that makes disability decisions for Social Security.

The above named individual applied for disability benefits and identified you as someone we could contact for assistance. We would like to speak to you about helping (him or her) with (his or her) claim.


(Insert a free-form paragraph here, if needed.)


Please call the phone number shown below, Monday – Friday between (insert hours of operation), within 10 days of the date on this letter.


Thank you for your help.



Disability Examiner


Toll Free: 1-800-XXX-XXXX, extension XXXX



B. References

1. Third party disclosure policy

GN 03316.005 Disclosure Without Consent to Administer SSA Programs

2. Required third party contacts

  • DI 22510.016 Consultative Examination (CE) Appointment Special Scheduling Procedures

  • DI 22510.019 Consultative Examination (CE) Appointment Notice Follow up and Reminder

  • DI 23007.005 Failure to Cooperate With Requests to the Claimant for Evidence or Action

  • DI 23007.010 Failure to Attend a Consultative Examination (CE) Appointment


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