VB 00901.000 Adjudication Policy

Subchapter Table of Contents
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VB 00901.001Adjudicating Claims for Special Veterans Benefits OverviewBASIC 04-00
VB 00901.005Adjudicative Procedures—GeneralBASIC 04-00
VB 00901.010Special Veterans Benefits Claims ProcessTN 1 10-00
VB 00901.011Denial of Claim for Special Veterans Benefits for Failure to Meet Requirements for Qualification/EntitlementTN 1 10-00
VB 00901.012Denial of SVB Claim for Failure to Cooperate or Submit Essential Evidence - Initial ClaimsTN 1 10-00
VB 00901.013Concurrent SSI and SVB Payments for The Same Month(s)TN 1 10-00
VB 00901.014SVB Applicant Appeals SSI Suspension for Establishing Residency Outside the United StatesTN 1 10-00
VB 00901.015Jurisdiction and Routing for Special Veterans Benefits Claims - ProcedureTN 1 10-00
VB 00901.020Processing SSI Diaries and Alerts for Title VIII CasesBASIC 04-00
VB 00901.025ExhibitsTN 2 06-01

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