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VB 01201.001 Direct Deposit -- Title VIII

A. Policy

Title VIII benefits can be paid to beneficiaries via direct deposit to U.S. Treasury designated financial institutions under the same conditions as it is available to title II and title XVI beneficiaries.

B. Procedure

When adding, changing, or canceling direct deposit, verify that the correct mailing address is on the SSR. Correct the address if necessary. Tell the beneficiary to notify SSA if the address changes, whether or not the direct deposit information changes.

The procedure for direct deposit of benefits in a financial institution in the U.S. requires the beneficiary to submit a properly executed direct deposit authorization Form SF-1199-A or equivalent information received by mail, phone, or fax.

A title VIII beneficiary living in a country where SSA does not have International Direct Deposit, may complete a power of attorney (FMS 233) to have checks mailed to a financial institution outside the U.S. In this case, the financial institution address will be displayed in the mailing address field on the SSR. Since the residence address field will be used to house information concerning CPS jurisdiction, the only field available for the beneficiary's residence address is the remarks field.

C. References

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