BASIC (04-00)

VB 01201.005 Title VIII Checks


Title VIII payments are issued in dollars and cents. However, if the benefit computation yields a monthly payment amount of more than zero but less than one dollar, the payment is increased to one dollar.

Initially, the title VIII benefit checks will bear the legend — “SSI for (current month).” Beginning in October or earlier if possible, the recurring and supplemental checks will be marked “Title VIII for (current month).” Daily payments will be marked “Title VIII.”

U.S. government checks, including title II benefits for recipients living at foreign address are sent to U.S. embassiesor the Foreign Service Post (FSP) in bulk each month via a State Department pouch. For title VIII recipients who reside in the Philippines, checks will be pouched to the FSP in Manila. The FSP is responsible for releasing the checks to the Philippine postal service.

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