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VB 01201.010 Nonreceipt—Title VIII

A. Policy

The guidelines for processing title VIII nonreceipt allegations involving paper checks or direct deposit are the same as those which are in effect for processing title II and title XVI nonreceipt allegations. However, unlike title II and title XVI claims of nonreceipt, title VIII nonreceipt claims will be controlled through the SVB Central Processing Sites (CPS) (rather than Payment Centers or Field Offices).

B. Procedure

Verify the identity of the reporter before accepting a report of nonreceipt of SVB benefits. (GN 03001.012 explains who is an acceptable reporter; GN 03360.005B.3., GN 03340.015C, address verification of identity.)

Do not automatically advise calling back on the 3rd mail delivery day after the check due date. A problem may exist on the record that can be resolved at the time of the request. Review current SSR or Inquiry Response (IR) queries to determine appropriate action. (See also GN 02406.700 -- Mass Loss.)

If appropriate, and the required delivery time has elapsed (see GN 02406.130), the nonreceipt report is processed under the same procedures as a title II or title XVI case (GN 02406.125, GN 02406.140 and GN 02406.150). However, the CPS will input the nonreceipt stop code which will produce the claims package (FMS-3858, FMS-1133). If a report of nonreceipt is received by an office other than the CPS (for example, the local Social Security office or FBU), the necessary information should be faxed to the CPS for input. The name and address of the appropriate CPS is located on the SSR in the residence address field. Fax numbers for all of the CPSs are located in VB 00901.025, Exhibit 1

Claims packages should be forwarded to the CPS of jurisdiction and reviewed according to instructions in GN 02406.160, photocopied, then mailed to Treasury at the following address:

Department of the Treasury
Financial Management Service
Check Claims Branch
Room 800-D
3700 East West Highway
Hyattsville, MD 20782

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