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VB 01505.011 Beneficiary or Legal Guardian Requests Voluntary Termination of SVB

A. When to use

Follow these procedures when the SVB beneficiary or legal guardian requests voluntary termination of SVB. If a request for voluntary termination is made by a representative payee who is not the SVB individual's legal guardian, follow VB 01505.012.

B. Policy

A written voluntary termination request must be filed with SSA and:

  • be signed and dated by the beneficiary or legal guardian;

  • state the reason for the termination request;

  • describe the possible effects of the termination and state that the individual understands the effects (including the need to pay back or return SVB payments, when applicable);

  • explain that an appeal (or a new SVB application) filed within the 60-day appeal period will cancel the termination request; and

  • acknowledge that the filing of a new SVB application after the 60-day appeal period expires precludes entitlement earlier than the month the new application is filed.

C. Procedure - Request Filed or Received in a Field Office (FO) or Central Processing Site (CPS)

The FO or CPS will:

  • Process the N19 input to terminate SVB;

  • Issue a termination notice including appeal rights (see VB 01505.100); and

  • Post termination information on the San Francisco SVB Intranet site.

NOTE: The FO will send all voluntary termination documentation to the CPS after completion of the above actions for retention with the SVB folder.

D. Procedure - Request Filed or Received in a Federal Benefits Unit (FBU)

The FBU will fax and then mail the request to the servicing CPS. The CPS will process the voluntary termination per VB 01505.011C.

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