TN 89 (06-23)

GN 00301.289 Evidentiary Documentation Considerations

A. Procedure for evidentiary documentation

1. Claimant returns to FO with evidence

When a claimant returns to the FO with an evidentiary document, an authorized employee will make a certified photocopy or complete the electronic Evidence Screen (EVID). For personnel authorized to certify documents and records, see GN 00301.090 and for evidence documentation see GN 00301.286B.

NOTE: When we must obtain additional evidence, follow procedures in GN 00301.286D.1.b.

2. MCS and MSSICS exclusions

For MCS and MSSICS exclusions, record identifying information about the evidence documents on the EVID, and:

  • code the form number of the paper claim (e.g., SSA-1) in the “COMMENTS” field of the EVID;

  • code “See EVID” in the “Remarks” section of the paper claim; and

  • properly document the paper claims file following GN 01010.007D. and GN 00301.140.

3. Using evidence from a cleared or archived MCS/MSSICS screen or from another SSA system

Follow the procedure listed, whenever Integrated Client Data (ICD) does not propagate data, or the MCS or MSSICS application screen for the issue does not accommodate a code for an issue already proven in one of our systems.

  • Code the “ISSUE TO BE PROVEN” field on the EVID for the current claim with the entitlement/eligibility factor established on the cleared or archived modernized claim screen.

  • Code the SSN of the cleared or archived claim in the “CROSS REFERENCE SSN” field.

  • Code the name of the system used to collect the information, e.g., MCS or MSSICS, in the “COMMENTS” field. Do not duplicate the evidence coding from the cleared or archived screen on the EVID of the current claim, see GN 01010.038.

4. Multi-purpose proofs

  • When we receive a single document to prove multiple issues, use one EVID screen and identify all issues the document was used to prove, e.g. age and military service. If the EVID screen has already been coded and thus is locked, use the MCS RPOC orReport of Contact page in the Consolidated Claims Experience (CCE) as appropriate to capture additional information pertaining to the EVID screen.

  • When using the NUMI tolerance rule in GN 00302.540E. that permits accepting a delayed birth certificate (DBC) as two pieces of convincing evidence, show only the DBC document code on the EVID and record the identifying information for the other convincing evidence shown as a basis for the DBC in the EVID “COMMENT” field.

5. Retention of evidence

If an evidentiary document is exempted from EVID, follow the procedure in GN 00301.286E.3.

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