GN 00904.010 Determining Servicing Office

Each FO has a defined geographical service area, and is responsible for providing service to any individual whose mailing address falls within this service area. In this capacity, the FO is referred to as the “servicing office” for a particular individual or address. To find out which FO serves an address in the United States, determine the county from the geographical code book or the United States Directory of Post Offices; then refer to the Service Area Directory, Part B. If the individual prefers to contact an FO other than the servicing office, see GN 00904.064.

Auxiliary claims and other claims filed by nonprincipal claimants should be completely processed in a servicing nonresident office, UNLESS there is a claim pending on the primary beneficiary in the resident office. For purposes of GN 00904.010GN 00904.120 a claim is considered pending when it is part of a district office pending file; conversely a claim is no longer pending after it is completed and cleared from the district office pending file.

The servicing offices for all mailing addresses in the U.S. are listed in part B of the Service Area Directory (except certain military addresses—see GN 00904.025).

Note: When a caller phones a field office to inquire about the telephone number or address of another field office, employees are encouraged (to the extent possible) to utilize all available resources and take all actions necessary to accurately respond to the inquiry/report while the caller is on the telephone.

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