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GN 02403.007 Field Office (FO) Remittance Automated and Manual Receipt Process

A. Introduction to the Field Office (FO) Remittance Receipt Process

Field Offices can process programmatic remittances through the Social Security Electronic Remittance System (SERS) see GN 02403.161. However, remittances that cannot be processed through SERS require the interviewer to enter the remittance information into the Debt Management system (DMS) in order to acknowledge receipt of an acceptable remittance received in the FO.

B. Procedure for the FO Receipt Process

Technicians must:

  • Enter remittances, into the DMS system using the Field Office Remittance Input (RFOR) screen or the Electronic Field Office Remittance Application (eFOR), see MS 01103.006.

  • Give or mail the remittance receipt produced by DMS to the remitter.

  • Mail the payment coupon produced by DMS to the Mid-Atlantic Program Service Center (MATPSC), Remittance and Accounting Unit (RAU) with the remittance daily (see MS 01103.007, section G. for coupon example).

  • For other remittances, such as fees or Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) lock box payments (see GN 02403.030), mail the remittance to the appropriate address that is generated on the forwarding instruction sheet generated by DMS.

NOTE: If the system cannot produce the automated receipt/payment coupon, follow instructions in GN 02403.007E. Each FO should maintain at least one book of SSA-1395s in the event of systems or printer failure or out-of-office receipting, see GN 02403.130.

C. Original Automated Receipt

See MS 01103.007 section E. for an example of Original Automated Receipt and MS 01103.007 section H. for an explanation of each field on the remittance receipt.

D. Processing Corrections to Field Office Receipts

1. Remittance in the FO

If the FO realizes that an error was made in the entry of a remittance on the Field Office Remittance Input (RFOR) screen in DMS and the remittance is still at the FO, then:

  • Take corrective action in DMS through the Correct Field Office Receipt (RCFR) screen, or if the change involves the amount, the Manager makes the Corrections or Deletions in the FO Receipt (RMCR) screen. (see MS 01103.022 and MS 011004.011 for additional information.)

  • After the correction is made, DMS generates a new payment coupon (see MS 01103.007). Forward the NEW payment coupon along with the remittance to MATPSC to post to the correct account.

  • Destroy the incorrect payment coupon.

2. Remittance and Coupon No Longer in the FO

If the FO realizes that an error was made in the entry of a remittance on the RFOR screen or the AND the remittance has already been forwarded to MATPSC, then:

  • Do not correct through RCFR or RMCR since the coupon has already been mailed to MATPSC.

  • Notify the jurisdictional Processing Center (PC) of the remittance keying error by following the procedures for Modernized Development Worksheet (MDW) in GN 01070.228. The message should inform the PC about the error and explain necessary corrective action. The PC should be contacted after the erroneous remittance is posted or creates an exception. MATPSC should not be contacted unless they are the jurisdictional PC.

3. Corrected Automated Receipt

See MS 01103.007 Section F. for an example of the automated receipt and section H. for an explanation of fields on the coupon.

4. Field Office - Generated Coupon

See MS 01103.007 Section G. to see an example of the Field Office - Generated Coupon and section H. for explanation of the fields on the coupon.

E. If DMS Cannot Print Receipt/Payment Coupon

When the automated system, due to printer problems, cannot print a receipt/payment coupon, follow these steps:

  • Using the Correct FO Receipt (RCFR) screen, change the account name field to either add or delete the middle initial.

  • Annotate the remittance ID field to indicate that the correction was made because the original did not print.

RESULT: The system will send a corrected receipt/payment coupon to the printer (see GN 02403.007D3 and GN 02403.007D4); give or mail it to the remitter.

If the system still cannot produce a receipt, follow the instructions in GN 02403.100 for obtaining a 1395-BK receipt book from the issuer and GN 02403.130 for completing manual receipt form SSA-1395-BK.

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