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GN 02403.100 Issuing and Reassigning SSA-1395-BK Receipt Books

A. Introduction - SSA-1395-BK Receipt Books

The Remittance Supervisor is responsible for distributing SSA-1395-BK receipt books to the interviewer for out-of-office receipting activities and for periods of emergency; e.g., when the automated receipt system is inoperative.

Under the modernized Debt Management System (DMS), receipt books should be used infrequently. All receipt books will be issued to the interviewers only on an as needed basis, and must be returned to the Remittance Supervisor after each use. The Remittance Supervisor will routinely perform the following steps when issuing SSA-1395-BK receipt books.

B. Procedure – Examining SSA 1395-BK Receipt Books

Follow the instructions below when preparing to issue a receipt book.

1. Examine each book

Examine each book to determine if:

  • it contains all assigned sets of receipts,

  • all receipts in the book are sequentially numbered,

  • both parts of each receipt are present, and

  • both parts within the set of receipts contain the same receipt number.

2. Determine if book is defective

Determine if the book is defective (e.g., receipts are torn or separated from receipt book and determined to be unusable).

  • If yes, void all remaining receipts by marking “VOID” across the face of each receipt in ink. Complete the Receipt Book Log per GN 02403.105, and

  • Give the book to the manager to destroy, and annotate that the book was destroyed and the reason why on the SSA-3944, Master Control Roster (See GN 02403.095). STOP.

NOTE: If receipt book is destroyed, be certain the office has at least one receipt book remaining; otherwise order a new receipt book to replace the defective receipt book (See GN 02403.080).

  • If no, maintain the book in a safe location until needed (See GN 02403.100C.3.).

C. Process – Issuing SSA-1395-BK Receipt Books

When the book(s) need to be issued:

  1. 1. 

    Issue book(s) in serial number sequence to the interviewer only.

  2. 2. 

    Complete the receipt book log to record to whom the book is issued, each time the book is given out and returned. Enter the date the book is issued in the DATE BOOK ISSUED block and the number range of the receipts in the RECEIPT BOOK NUMBERS block. Have the interviewer sign his/her name in the REP SIGNATURE block. (See GN 02403.105 for detailed instructions on completing the receipt book log)

  3. 3. 

    Maintain unissued receipt book(s) and SSA-3944 and associated receipt book log(s) in a safe or locked file cabinet/container in the FO which is not accessible to the third party draft cashier. If a separate cabinet is unavailable, the cabinet used for third party drafts can be used, with access to it controlled by the FO manager.

D. Procedure – Reassigning SSA 1395-BK Receipt Books

When the person to whom the receipt book was issued no longer needs a receipt book, the book will be immediately returned to the Remittance Supervisor, and reassigned when necessary. The Remittance Supervisor will note on the Receipt Book Log the return of the receipt book and reassign according to the following instructions:

  1. 1. 

    Enter the date the book is returned in the DATE BOOK RETURNED block and the receipt numbers used in the RECEIPT NUMBERS USED block on the receipt book log. Have the interviewer returning the book sign his/her initials in the REP INITIALS block on the receipt book log. The Remittance Supervisor signs the ISSUER SIGNATURE block on the Receipt Book Log. REFERENCE: See Completing Receipt Book Log, GN 02403.105.

  2. 2. 

    When the receipt book is again requested by the interviewer, complete a new entry on the Receipt Book Log as instructed in GN 02403.105 and release the book to the interviewer.

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