TN 20 (12-23)

RS 01301.165 One-Half Support in Corroborating Statement and Other Evidence

A. Policy when support requirement not met

If based on the claimant's statements, they clearly do not meet the support requirement (except in child dependency cases), no further development is required.

If support is required, develop and consider corroborating evidence as discussed below.

B. Procedure for completing the SSA-783 (Statement Regarding Contributions)

1. Statements by number holder (NH)

Have the NH complete an SSA-783 in all cases in which support is a factor and the NH is alive. (See RS 01301.005C.1.b.)

2. Statements by or contacts with other contributors and adult members of household

  • Contact all contributors and each adult member of the household in which the claimant lived.

  • Make contacts separately.

  • Obtain statements (SSA-795, Statement of Claimant or Other Person) or complete a report of contact (RPOC) for each contributor stating their contributions and the claimant's other sources of income.

  • Contact a member of the NH’s household if the NH died and did not live with the claimant. (See RS 01301.005C.1.c.)

  • Resolve all material discrepancies.

3. Other corroborating documentary evidence

Some form of documentary evidence (or a statement by a disinterested party who was aware of the support situation) is desirable in every case. The more usual sources of such evidence are set out in RS 01301.180.

Obtain documentary evidence or a statement by a disinterested party if at least one of the statements in RS 01301.165B.1. and RS 01301.165B.2. (in this section) cannot be obtained or all other parties are deceased.

Document the file with evidence to support all allegations concerning the child's support situation. In the rare instance where you are satisfied that such evidence does not exist, you may rely on allegations only if you are convinced that they constitute reasonable estimates and you have no reason to doubt their accuracy. Use caution in determining one-half support based on such allegations.

C. References

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