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RS 02635.005 Removal Notices—SSA Receipt and Maintenance

A. Process - Removal Notice From The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Each month, DHS electronically forwards to SSA a list of aliens who were removed from the United States during the previous month. This is referred to as the DHS/SSA I-157 Computer Match. In some cases, DHS includes a Social Security number (SSN) for the removed person, usually because they have alleged having an SSN or an SSN is found on their person at the time of apprehension.

B. Process – SSA Maintenance of DHS Removal Data

1. SSA Storage of Removal Data

Data on persons removed by DHS are matched against the SSA Numident Alpha-Index files to locate an SSN or to verify that the SSN reported by DHS for the person removed is correct. In cases where the match produces (or verifies) a possible SSN, the removal data is entered onto the SSA Disability, Railroad, Alien and Military Service (DRAMS) file. See MSOM QUERIES 005.003 and RS 02635.010 for information about removal alerts produced as a result of DRAMS input. See RS 02635.015A. for situations where removal reports may be associated with the wrong SSN.

2. Removal Data on the SSA DRAMS Record

NOTE: Ensure that the Number Holder is removed from DRAMS, before attempting to resolve an EM-14 (see: RM 10270.075 Resolving EM-14).

When DRAMS (Disability, Railroad, Alien and Military Service) is queried (see MSOM QUERIES 005.003 ) on the record of a number holder (NH) reported as removed from the United States, output will display the following data under the category “Alien Deportation Information”:

  • name and alias (if any);

  • date of birth;

  • sex identification;

  • country of birth;

  • country to which the alien is removed;

  • date of removal;

  • final charge code;

    (This is a two-position code (e.g. “02”, “2A”) reflecting the specific grounds as determined by DHS under which a person was removed. See RS 02635.001D.1. EXCEPTIONS for codes that do not warrant suspension of the NH's retirement or disability benefits under the removal provisions.

    NOTE: Aliens removed as inadmissible for illegal entry into the United States under section 212(a)(6)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act are designated by a final charge code of “6A” on DRAMS. (See RS 02635.001B. and RS 02635.001C.)

  • DHS alien registration number (“A” number);

    (This number can be used to access the alien's current immigration status via the I-Main Web Based Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program. (See MSOM INTRANET 002.001- MSOM INTRANET 002.018, RS 02635.020 and GN 00303.640.)

  • date the DHS removal notice was received by SSA.

    (This date is important for establishing when RSDI benefits are to be suspended. See RS 02635.001D.2. If no date is shown in this field, use the month after the month the Number Holder was removed from the United States as the date the removal notice was received by SSA. See MSOM QUERIES 005.003 for a facsimile of the DRAMS printout.

C. Procedure - Deleting Drams Removal Data

1. When to Delete a DRAMS Removal Record

Claims representatives or claims authorizers are responsible for deleting the DRAMS record (see RS 02635.005C.2.) when a NH is not subject to the section 202(n) removal provisions. This happens when:

  1. a. 

    It is established that the NH is not the individual removed by DHS (see RS 02635.015) or

  2. b. 

    The NH was granted Lawful Admission for Permanent Residence (LAPR) status after removal (see RS 02635.001D.3. and RS 02635.030.)

2. How to Delete a DRAMS Removal Record

  1. a. 

    Prepare an email message to ^OSA DeleteDeport (Be sure to leave a space between “OSA” and “Delete”)

  2. b. 

    The text of the message should be as follows:

    Delete DRAMS removal data on (show the SSN) for (show the removed person's name exactly as reflected on DRAMS). The date of removal is (show the date of removal on DRAMS in MM/DD/YY format).”

  3. c. 

    Add the following remark if you can determine the correct SSN for the person reported as removed:

    Apply DRAMS data to (show the correct SSN) for (show the name of the removed person exactly as reflected on DRAMS).”

  4. d. 

    Indicate your name, office designation and telephone number.

General questions on the DRAMS deletion process can be directed via email to the “^OSA DeleteDeport” email address.

NOTE: DRAMS deletion requests may take 1-2 weeks to process. See RS 02635.010A.for information on overriding MCS deportation alerts when processing claims where deletion of a DRAMS record is pending.

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