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DI 81020.070 Consultative Examinations (CE)

A. Categorizing Background Material

For information regarding categorizing background evidence for a CE, see Annotations, Bookmarks, and Categories (ABCs) - DI 81020.095D.

B. CE Report Signatures

There are two types of signatures used for electronic CE reports.

1. Imaged Signatures

Scanned or faxed copies of CE reports containing handwritten signatures are acceptable medical evidence for documenting the CEF. NOTE: The DDS may encourage CE providers to submit signed CE reports via the Document Management Architecture (DMA) fax number using the barcode cover letter.

2. Electronic Signatures

Registered CE providers can use the Electronic Records Express (ERE) website to submit electronically signed copies of CE reports using the ERE “click-and-sign” feature. The “click-and-sign” feature produces an “Electronic Records Express Attestation” which is linked to the CE report and included in the CEF. The attestation on a CE report is acceptable medical evidence for documenting the CEF and satisfies the signature requirement. If the CEF does not contain the attestation, then the CE report is not considered signed.

C. Draft (unsigned) CE Reports

Draft CE reports may also be received in the CEF (pending receipt of the signed report). When a draft CE report is placed in the CEF:

  • Annotate the development worksheet indicating the CE report is unsigned.

  • When the signed report is received, move the unsigned version to the Current Development/Temporary (green) section of the CEF where it will be deleted upon case closure.

  • Use Document Type 0004 to index Draft CE Reports.

  • Refer to General Guidelines for Reviewing CE Reports - DI 22510.020C., for situations when the case can be adjudicated with an unsigned CE report.

D. Returned “CE Response” and “Authorization” Forms

Claimants may respond to written CE appointment notice(s) by returning forms to the DDS to:

  • Indicate whether the claimant will attend a scheduled CE appointment, or

  • Authorize the DDS to send a copy of a CE report to the claimant’s primary care provider.

Upon receipt of these documents, the DDS will:

  • Image (scan or fax) the returned forms into the CEF; and

  • Annotate the case development worksheet to reflect the information obtained on the documents and then discard the paper forms.

See DI 20503.001 for required Case Development Summary worksheet entries, DI 22510.017C for CE appointment notice requirements, and NL 00705.745 for model CE notice response and authorization forms.

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