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DI 81020.215 Reviewing Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Cases

A paper folder is not created for the eCDR. Use eView to access the eCDR Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) and process eCDR actions. Multiple users have access to view the eCDR CEF at the same time.

A. Reviewing the CPD Folder

Review the case to determine that the correct Comparison Point Decision (CPD) folder and supporting documentation have been received. Although relevant medical reports from a paper CPD folder may be scanned, do not scan the entire paper CPD folder. It is essential that the paper folder is routed along with the electronic CDR folder to the next reviewing/adjudicating office.

The paper CPD folder will be used through all adjudicative levels of the CDR (e.g., Disability Hearings Unit (DHU), Administrative Law Judge [ALJ]). The current eCDR determination establishes an electronic CPD folder for future CDR processing.

1. Paper Folder

If the associated paper folder is not the correct CPD folder, complete an SSA-883 Assistance Request (AR) documenting that the CPD folder provided is not the correct folder. Return the misrouted paper folder to the Field Office (FO); and request the FO to obtain and furnish the appropriate folder

NOTE: The Disability Determination Services (DDS) maintains jurisdiction of the current eCDR whether the CPD folder is paper or electronic.

2. Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)

If the associated CEF is not the correct CPD folder, unlink the incorrect CPD folder and link the appropriate folder. See Linking and Unlinking the Comparison Point Decision (CPD) Folder - DI 81020.225, for how to link and unlink an electronic CPD folder.

NOTE: Any CEF can be linked to the eCDR.

Update the CPD Paper Folder Indicator (PFI), as appropriate. See Receipting an Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) - DI 81020.205E.

3. Reviewing the Prior Folder for Age 18 Redeterminations

Review the case to ensure the correct prior folder and supporting documentation has been received. Do not scan all the material from the prior paper folder into the CEF, but only the medical evidence from the prior folder which is relevant to the current determination. If an incorrect prior folder is received, follow the procedures in Reviewing Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Cases - DI 81020.215A., to correctly route the misdirected folder.

B. Viewing Documents in Current and Linked Folders

eView simultaneously displays all documents in both the:

  • Current eCDR CEF; and

  • Any linked CPD CEF(s).

All documents in the CPD CEF(s) indicate “CPD” as the document level of the eCDR CEF, whether they are from an initial, reconsideration, or hearing level CEF.

C. Adding Annotations, Bookmarks and Categories (ABCs) to the eCDR

As with all CEF cases, you may add electronic ABCs while reviewing imaged documents stored in the “Case Documents” view of the eCDR. All ABCs are automatically removed when the case is closed on the DDS case processing system and therefore are not part of the agency’s official record.

D. Using eForms

eForms are available for eCDR case processing. The electronic signature utility enables users to sign eForms electronically.

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