TN 11 (05-98)

SI 00603.035 Preeffectuation Review Contact (PERC) for Deferred Claims

A. Introduction

The instructions in this section are for conducting a PERC upon receipt of a notice of a disability allowance for a deferred development claim. (See SI 00603.030 for the definition of a notice of disability allowance.)

B. Procedure

1. Complete Remaining Questions

a. Non-MSSICS Processing

If the application was filed on Form SSA-8001-BK (Application for SSI) or the application was filed on MSSICS but the claim is locked, obtain a supplemental Form SSA-8000-BK (Application for SSI) and all necessary related forms. (See SI 00604.001 for instructions on completing the SSA-8000-BK.)

Ask questions on the SSA-8000-BK that were not asked before or that elicit information about factors subject to change. For example, do not ask about other names or social security numbers (SSNs), date of birth, place of birth, disability.

b. MSSICS Processing

Conduct the PERC via MSSICS if the claim on MSSICS is not locked. As long as the disability allowance has been posted, you will be guided automatically through the full claims path to answer the unanswered questions when you access the claim in UPDATE mode.

If you are conducting the PERC in response to an early alert notification, change the application type to FULL to complete the claims path.

CAUTION: Do not input the disability decision on the CDIB screen upon receipt of the early notification because the decision is not yet final.

2. Review Previous Answers

NOTE: Ask the SNAP questions again, if appropriate. For detailed information, see Screening Individuals for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Eligibility or Application Status (SI 01801.010).

a. Non-MSSICS Processing

Compare information on the SSA-8000-BK to the SSA-8001-BK or the MSSICS record of the initial application. Resolve any conflicts.

b. MSSICS Processing

Review with the individual answers given previously to questions whose answers are subject to change. (For example, there is no need to review other names or SSNs, date of birth, place of birth, or disability.) Record any changes since the application was filed.

3. Systems Input

a. Non-MSSICS Processing

Transmit the PERC Code and Date, to the PERC - Update (PC) field (SM 01005.660). See SI 00603.030 for the definition of PERC date. See SI 00603.033A.2. if the PERC date is more than 4 calendar months prior to the current month.

b. MSSICS Processing

Enter Y in answer to CLOSE OPEN EVENT on the DSSR screen and enter the INITIAL CLAIM DECISION on the DADJ screen.

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