TN 44 (06-24)

SI 00870.050 Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Amendments

A. Introduction to PASS Amendments

The need to amend an existing PASS can arise at any time from information reported by the individual or other sources.

B. PASS Amendments

1. Changes Requiring Amendment

The types of changes that require plan amendment include:

  • A change in the amounts of income and resources to be set aside, i.e., the amount excluded;

  • A change in planned expenditures;

  • A change in the scheduled attainment date of the work goal or milestones leading to that work goal;

  • A modification of the originally anticipated work goal regarding the level of independent performance (e.g., in a supported employment situation, see SI 00870.006A.7.);

  • A modification of the goal from "VR Evaluation" to a specific work goal; or

  • A modification of the work goal when no significant increase in expenses or time will be required as a result of the new goal.

NOTE: Any other substantive change in the work goal (e.g., a different job than stated in the original plan) requires a new plan.

2. Approval of Amendments

A SSA PASS expert must approve any amendments to an existing plan.

3. Adjusting Excluded Amounts

When an individual requests an amendment to their plan, the PASS expert must consider the potential impact of approving it. When the PASS has sufficient time remaining to exclude funds for planned or amended expenditures, the PASS expert will adjust the amount of the set aside income and resources prospectively.

When the PASS has insufficient time to fund the planned or amended expenditures, adjustments may be retroactive to the initial month of the PASS, subject to administrative finality per SI 00870.007. Otherwise, an additional amendment to the proposed completion date may be needed.

The PASS participant may no longer set aside income under the plan if:

  • The participant has already set aside sufficient income for all of the expenses; or

  • Set-aside resources exceed the remaining planned expenditures and adding this excess to any other countable resources would exceed the applicable resource limit.

4. Notice to the individual

The PASS expert sends a notice to the individual advising whether the amendment is approved, disapproved or modified.

The Pass expert sends a copy of the notice to any assisting agency, provided the individual has consented to the release of their PASS information.

C. Procedure for PASS Amendments

PASS experts follow the procedures in this table:




Review plan amendments in the context of the entire plan according to the instructions:

SI 00870.006 Elements of a PASS

SI 00870.025 Documenting and Reviewing a PASS


Discuss modifications to the amendments, see SI 00870.030.


Adjust the record per SI 00870.050B.3 in this section.


If the PASS expert approves the amendment, transmit systems changes to adjust the amount of income and resources excluded due to the amendment as needed.


Issue a determination notice to the individual and any appropriate agencies. Be sure to state the amendment and remind the individual of their continued responsibility to:

  • Report any changes in circumstances that could require a change in the PASS;

  • Keep resources and/or income set aside under the plan separate from other resources and/or income;

  • Keep complete records of expenditures; and

  • Follow the plan.

If the PASS expert denies the amendment request follow the instructions in SI 00870.040B.

Be sure the notice of disapproval explains the reason(s) for disapproval.


Send the original notice to the individual and copies to other individuals and agencies as appropriate.

Keep a copy in the PASS file for documentation per SI 00870.025.

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