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VB 00501.031 Final Accountings

A. Policy

A final accounting is required if a payee's appointment terminates and a regular accounting has not been completed within the past 12 months. Along with the final accounting, the payee is requested to return all conserved funds to SSA for recertification.

NOTE: If the appointment terminated due to the death of the payee, action on any conserved funds is still necessary as explained in GN 00603.110.

B. Procedure

1. General

a. CPS Action

The CPS prepares an SSA-2001-F6 and completes the shaded areas on the top of the Representative Payee Report (SVB) indicating the payee's name and address, the beneficiary's name and SSN, the report period, the type of payee (TOP), the custody code (CC) and the guardianship code (G), if applicable. This information will help the CPS evaluate the payee's responses.

The CPS includes the following information from the last accounting or from information in file:

  • the amount of any conserved benefits shown on the last accounting;

  • the amount of the monthly benefits; and

  • the amount of any accruals or conserved funds issued by SSA since the last accounting.

The CPS obtains a current query in order to verify information.

b. Release of SSA-2001-F6

The CPS sends the SSA-2001-F6 to the servicing Federal Benefits Unit or the servicing field office to be completed by the representative payee.

NOTE: Generally, the office through which the accounting is requested will obtain the accounting in a personal contact with the payee. If distance or other unusual circumstances prohibit this, the accounting may be secured by mail.

See VB 00501.032 for information on initial and followup diaries.

2. Appointment Terminated-Change of Payee

The CPS obtains a final accounting if one was not secured in the past 12 months. It requests the payee to return any conserved funds to SSA for recertification. See GN 00603.055 and GN 00605.375 for information on the transfer of conserved funds.

3. Entitlement of Beneficiary Terminated

a. Beneficiary Living

The CPS obtains a final accounting if one was not secured within the past 12 months. See GN 00603.100B.1. for action on conserved funds.

b. Beneficiary Deceased

No final accounting is required if the beneficiary is deceased. The CPS takes action on any conserved funds as per GN 00603.100B.2.

NOTE: If SSA becomes aware of the existence of any uncashed checks, the payee must be advised to return them immediately.

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