TN 10 (10-94)

RM 03870.048 Development of Scrambled Wages

A. Procedure

Use the procedures below for resolving scrambled wage situations and correcting the ER.

1. Request Numident, DEQY, SEQY

Request Numident, DEQY and/or SEQY (if appropriate) for the NH's SSN. Include in the DEQY request the years surrounding the years in question for comparison purposes.

2. Verify Identity

Request identifying information to determine the NH's true identity. Before any other action may be taken to resolve the scramble, the individual(s) must submit evidence of identity. (RM 03870.052)

3. Disclaimer Statement

If the NH states the earnings from an employer do not belong to him/her, obtain a signed statement form the NH disclaiming the earnings. (RM 03870.060)

4. Scout

If necessary, request scouting to identify employer or other information which would be helpful in resolving the scramble (copy of latest W-2 for the individual's address, etc.). (MSOM EM 016.001 )

5. Microprint of SS-5

If needed for comparison purposes, request a microprint of the original SS-5.

6. Locate Individual Using Wrong SSN

Attempt to locate the individual using the wrong SSN. Request a copy of the latest W-2, if necessary, per 4. above for individual's latest address.

Use the following sources to help locate the individual(s) involved in the scramble:

  • Contact the employer to determine the individual's identity or whereabouts and which person the employer employed. (See RM 03870.120 for form SSA-4156 (Employee Identification Statement) as a sample employer request for information.) If available, include a copy of the employee's license, a current photo,etc.

  • Check local telephone directories or post office for change of address.

Discontinue development if after 90 days all attempts to locate the individual have failed and there are no additional leads.

7. Assign New or Multiple SSN

Assign a new or multiple SSN if necessary, to the appropriate NH when development is complete. (RM 03870.062)

8. Illegal Alien

If an illegal alien is involved in the scramble and is still residing in the U.S., attempt to contact the individual and resolve the issue to the extent possible.

Transfer earnings belonging to the illegal alien to Suspense. Advise the alien that if he should be lawfully admitted to the U.S. with permission to work to recontact SSA for assignment of an SSN and credit of his/her prior earnings.

9. Transfer Earnings to Correct SSN

Transfer the earnings in question to the true NH. Take the following action under IC:

  1. a. 

    If transferring earnings for years prior to 1978, request “feedback” on both SSN's if required. IC will not permit pre-78 earnings transfer without first obtaining “feedback” if feedback is required and has not been previously requested.

  2. b. 

    Transfer (or move) the earnings from one NH's SSN to another NH's SSN using the appropriate IC screens.

10. Transfer to Suspense

If the NH to whom the earnings belong cannot be identified or located, transfer (move) the earnings to Suspense (MSOM EM 022.001 ). Do NOT “delete” the earnings.

11. Repossess Incorrect SSN Card

Repossess all available incorrect SSN cards from the individual(s) when the individual is willing to return them.

The FO security officer should destroy the original card per RM 10201.035, RM 10201.075A.1.

In IC, document on the Earnings Development (EDVS) screen that the original SS-5 was returned and destroyed.

B. References

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