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GN 00205.005 Taking Applications for Multiple Benefits

A. Policy

The interviewer decides the class or classes of benefits, as defined in GN 00204.025A for which the claimant is applying. Base the decision on discussions with the claimant before completing an application. For interviewing instructions, see GN 00203.001 - GN 00203.090 (and SI 00601.060 for Supplemental Security Income interviews).

1. Title II applications

An application for title II benefits is an application for all classes of title II benefits. However, you may need to take separate applications to be certain of eligibility in some situations. For additional information on specific classes of benefits, see:

For information about the scope of an application, see GN 00204.020 and GN 00204.004.

For information on “deemed” filings, see GN 00204.035.

For information about exploring title XVI benefits with title II claimants, see GN 00201.005E.

2. Title XVI applications

Take a separate title II application (with certain exceptions) when a title XVI application is taken.

For the exceptions for obtaining a separate title II application, refer to SI 00601.035B.

If the claimant does not agree to file for title II, follow the instructions in SI 00601.035C.4.

3. Title XVIII applications

For hospital insurance application requirements, see HI 00801.022. For supplemental medical insurance entitlement and instructions, see HI 00805.001.

B. Procedure for completing the applications

When completing the application for title II and title XVI or title XVIII:

  • answer the necessary questions; and

  • use the evidence screen to document the evidence used to adjudicate the claim. See GN 00301.286 for Electronic Evidence Documentation and Retention.

C. Reference

SI 00601.035 Adjudicating Title II When a Title XVI Claim is Filed

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