TN 13 (06-96)

GN 00301.001 General Evidentiary Standards — Introduction


SSA requires claimants to submit evidence to establish their rights to Program benefits. One of the most important parts of the claims process is the gathering, recording, and evaluation of this evidence.

This chapter describes instructions on evidentiary requirements, as well as on handling and translating foreign-language documents. Translators should use the guides in GN 00301.430 to determine what information should be translated and to identify areas in which problems frequently occur. In addition, these guides are helpful to all employees who must evaluate evidence based on a translation. Employees who handle foreign-language documents must follow the guidelines in GN 00301.360 on retaining a document, and GN 00301.265 through GN 00301.280 on safeguarding, photocopying, and certifying photocopies of such documents.

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