TN 18 (11-08)

GN 02408.025 Manual F-Stop Process for a Courtesy Check Issued Due to a Nonreceipt Claim

A. Background

Unlike the Title XVI system, an F-stop input on a courtesy check is a manual process for Title II (see exception in GN 02408.025B.2.). Therefore, when nonreceipt is reported, input a B-stop (unless a C-stop is warranted – see GN 02406.150) and a courtesy check issued before the status of the original check is known. When the original check is subsequently cashed, DT sends a claims package to the processing center (PC) of jurisdiction where it becomes a manual workload to input an F-stop on the courtesy check. This is an important step to determine whether the courtesy check has been cashed, possibly resulting in a double check negotiation (DCN) and an overpayment.

For other situations where a manual F-stop is required, see the chart in GN 02408.003 and see Stop Payment – Non-Entitlement for Reasons Other Than Death – F-stops – Checks GN 02408.020B.

B. Process for inputting manual F-stops on courtesy checks

1. Title II

  • FO/TSC: Review the Payment History Update System (PHUS) query, if the F-stop is needed but is not on the record, send a modernized development worksheet (MDW) to the servicing PC to request that an F-stop be input.

  • PC: Input an F-stop via RSDHI using PESP (MSOM RSDHI 002.005) input screens orby using the SSA-4510 Stop Payment Request Input Form (MSOM INTRANETMAMPSCDI 004.003) screen. For PC processing instructions, see SM 00609.001B.2.

2. Title XVI

For instructions to input an F-stop on the courtesy check if the status on the missing original check (type 2 or type 4) indicates the original check was cashed, see GN 02406.205C.5.,

For instructions to use an F-stop for nonreceipt of a type 9 payment, see GN 02406.207.

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