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GN 02607.750 T2R Exceptions

A. Procedure – T2R exceptions

T2R exception cases occur when a suspension action input through PUPS does not properly suspend benefits (LAF S7) on the MBR. T2R exceptions are caused in different ways. Some examples are:

1. Some systems processes resulting in a T2R exception

  • Processing Limitations found in MSOM MCSEC 001.001; or,

  • An error exists on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR).

These types of T2R exceptions will be generated to the PC/OCO-ODO.

2. PUPS processing resulting in aT2R exception

When a PUPS “Type of Action: SUSPEND BENEFITS” is input to PUPS a T2R transaction is created. If an exception occurs:

  • T2R will not suspend the benefit on the MBR and the T2 status on the Prisoner Summary (PUST) screen and the T2 PRISONER UPDATE (PU02) screen will change to *PENDING;

  • the exception should create a PCACS Action Control Record (ACR) with a Type of Event Level (TOEL2) equal to PRISON or PRISUS and a control on the Transaction History Screen (THIS).

B. Procedure - T2R exceptions

When you input a title II suspension action to the PUPS record, T2R processes the PUPS suspension transaction in the future when the action matures (15 or 35 days after the notice date on the PUPS record depending on the due process period chosen on the PUPS record). When the due process period ends, T2R changes the LAF on the MBR to S7 and annotates the RFST of “PRISON,” “MENTAL” or “PREDTR” to the MBR in the BENEFIT DATA field. The PUPS record receives feedback from the MBR that the beneficiary is in LAF S7 and closes the PUPS record as a SUSPENSION.

If the MBR cannot be annotated with the suspension action, an exception is sent to the PC. See GN 02607.750A. for a description of T2R exceptions.

The PUPS screens will continue to show *PENDING when the transaction did not work. See GN 02607.750C.1. for more information on *PENDING cases.

C. Procedure - FO processing of T2R exception cases

1. FO processing of a prisoner/NGRI--PCACS established

  • Update PUPS (TYPE OF ACTION “6” - CHANGE INFORMATION ONLY) leave the PUPS record * PENDING status.

  • Annotate Remarks to the PUPS record, “Suspension input, PCACS established, PC delay.”

  • Diary the case for 15 working days after PCACS is established to ensure the case was properly closed on PUPS and the MBR is in LAF S7.

  • If MBR does not reflect LAF S7 when diary matures, send a 2790-FAX follow-up on the suspension action to the PC.

  • Transfer the PUPS record to the PC/OCO-ODO. See GN 02607.465 for instructions on transferring PUPS records, see GN 02607.465.

  • Follow the instructions in the 2790-FAX procedure; see GN 02607.995 for additional actions required if the MBR does not reflect the appropriate suspension action, see GN 02607.995.

  • After suspension is posted to MBR, the *PENDING status will change to suspension on PUPS. If the MBR shows suspension (LAF S7) but the PUPS status has not changed from *PENDING to SUSPENSION, contact your Regional Prisoner Coordinator (RPC) before taking any further actions.

2. FO processing--no PCACS issue exists

If no PCACS ACR exists, there should still be a record on the Transaction History Summary Screen (THIS), but assume that T2R did not create a PCACS, PRISON, or PRISUS TOEL transaction and

  • Use the 2790-FAX procedure (see GN 02607.995 for processing instructions). (Wait 1 to 2 days after the advance notification period expires before faxing the PC);

  • Update PUPS (Type of ACTION “6”);

  • Leave the PUPS record *PENDING;

  • Annotate Remarks “Material faxed to the PC MMDDYY, T2R Exception;”

  • Transfer the PUPS record to the PC/OCO-ODO. See GN 02607.465 for instructions on transferring PUPS records; and

    NOTE: To determine the last day of the due process period, use the PUPS query mode, the P2QY screen will indicate the “ACTION PENDING UNTIL MM/DD/YYYY.” The due process period expires this date. If this message is not present, then the case is no longer on the T2R processing system. If the T2R action excepts, the P2QY screen continues to reflect the “ACTION PENDING UNTIL MM/DD/YYYY” although the action is not on the T2R processing system.

  • After the suspension action is posted to the MBR, check to see if the incentive payment was automatically scheduled to pay. If not, request a manual incentive payment per GN 02607.820A.

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