TN 18 (08-13)

RS 02101.805 Employer Previously Completed Questionnaire

A. Employer previously submitted employment relationship questionnaire

Where the alleged employer has previously completed a questionnaire for another worker and says that the worker worked under the same or substantially the same circumstances, do not ask the alleged employer to complete a new form unless:

  • the work is different; or

  • you are unable to obtain the prior questionnaire and the case involves insured status.

B. When to use the previous employment relationship questionnaire as evidence

Obtain and review the questionnaire from the previous case for this worker and employer. If the evidence from the worker does not conflict with the alleged employer's statement, use the employer's previous questionnaire as evidence.

C. Reconciling conflict between the worker and the alleged employer

If the worker does not agree with the alleged employer's statement of facts in the previous case, reconcile the conflict.

D. Unable to obtain the prior questionnaire

If you do not have the previous questionnaire, follow the instructions in GN 01070.600. If you cannot obtain the information, develop the issue per instructions in GN 01070.222 and RS 02101.805A.

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