SI 00530.000 Fugitive Felons and Parole and Probation Violators

Subchapter Table of Contents
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Overview - Fugitive Felons and Parole and Probation Violators
SI 00530.001 How Does an Individual’s Fugitive Status Affect SSI Benefits? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.005 How Do We Identify SSI Recipients Who are Fugitives or Probation or Parole Violators? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.010 For Which Months are Fugitives Ineligible? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.015 Good Cause Provision TN 2 03-05
SI 00530.017 Preparing the Notice of Planned Action TN 2 03-05
SI 00530.020 When May Benefits be Resumed? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.025 Deferral of Overpayment Recovery TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.030 Why Do We Need a Warrant or Court Order? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.040 What If an Individual Has Multiple Warrants? TN 1 01-05
First Party Reports of Fugitive Status
SI 00530.100 What is a First Party Report of Fugitive Status? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.110 Initial SSI Claims TN 3 05-05
SI 00530.120 SSI Redeterminations TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.130 Other First Party Reports TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.140 In First Party Reports, What are the Procedures for Determining Whether an Individual is a Fugitive Felon? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.150 What if Individual Cannot Provide Warrant Information? TN 2 03-05
SI 00530.160 What If an Individual Reports Fleeing From a Crime Committed in a Foreign Country? TN 1 01-05
Reports From Office of the Inspector General
SI 00530.200 What is OIG’s Role in Identifying Fugitives? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.205 Fugitive Felon Automated Case Processing (FFAP) TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.210 What is a Law Enforcement Agency’s Role in Identifying Fugitives? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.220 What FO has Jurisdiction When Warrant and SSR Address are in Different Areas? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.230 How Do I Process a Fugitive Referral From OIG? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.240 Individual Identified and Taken into Custody TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.250 Efforts to Locate Unsuccessful TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.260 Law Enforcement Unwilling to Act on Warrant TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.270 How Do I Process an OIG Referral With an SSI Claim Pending? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.280 OIG Case Feedback Form TN BASIC 08-03
Third Party Reports
SI 00530.400 May a Law Enforcement Agency Directly Contact a FO About a Fugitive Felon or Parole/Probation Violator? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.410 Can I Use Information From a Law Enforcement Officer to Suspend or Deny Payments? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.420 Can I Use Reports of Fugitive Status From Other Third Parties to Suspend Payments? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.430 How Do I Process a Report of Fugitive Status From a Third Party through MSSICS? TN 1 01-05
Administrative Finality Considerations
SI 00530.500 Do the Rules of Administrative Finality Apply When the Individual Had no Prior Knowledge of the Fugitive Provisions? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.510 How Do I Apply Rules of Administrative Finality When Fraud or Similar Fault is Not Found? TN 1 01-05
Responding To Inquiries
SI 00530.600 How Do I Respond to Questions From Someone in N25 Status? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.800 Fugitive Felon Status for Residents of Connecticut, New York, and Vermont—Fowlkes Court Case TN 5 07-07
Security Concerns
SI 00530.900 What Security Measures Should Field Offices Take When Interviewing an Individual Identified as a Fugitive or a Parole or Probation Violator? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.901 May OIG Make an Arrest in the FO? TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.910 Offense Code Categories for Crimes TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.920 Medical Impairment Codes for Good Cause Decisions TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.925 Law Enforcement Action Codes on OI-5D TN 1 01-05
SI 00530.930 Fugitive Felon Indicator Values on OI-5D TN 1 01-05

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