TN 56 (10-07)

SI 02305.070 When to Use MSSICS or Paper RZ Forms - SSA-8202-BK and SSA-8203-BK, “Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income Payments”

A. Policy - required use of the redetermination wizard (RZ WIZ)

The RZ WIZ must be used with all LIs, RZs, and wage-related diary interviews.

B. When to use MSSICS

MSSICS should be used to conduct HEP and unscheduled RZs for cases that are not MSSICS exclusions or limitations (see MSOM MSSICS 001.003 for information about MSSICS exclusions and limitations). Unscheduled RZs for certain T30/T33 Start Date cases may be completed in MSSICS, but there is no abridged path in MSSICS as there is in the paper process (see SI 02305.074).

MEP and LEP RZs should be completed in MSSICS if there is an active pending file or if establishing a MSSICS pending file is more efficient.

C. Policy - when to use Form SSA-8202-BK

An SSA-8202-BK should be used to conduct MEP and LEP RZs when MSSICS is not the most efficient method or a MSSICS exclusion or limitation applies. See MSOM MSSICS 001.003 for information about MSSICS exclusions and limitations. Also, see SI 02305.802 for an exhibit of a SSA-8202-BK.

D. Policy - when to use the SSA-8203-BK

A SSA-8203-BK should be used to conduct HEP cases, non-responder eRZ cases and some unscheduled RZs (see SI 02305.022 for when to conduct an unscheduled RZ) which are MSSICS exclusions or limitations per MSOM MSSICS 001.003. See SI 02305.807 for an exhibit of a SSA-8203-BK.

SSA-8203-BK's may be used to complete abridged unscheduled RZs conducted when T30/T33 Start Date procedures are necessary for ineligible spouses who become eligible for SSI. See SI 02305.074 for instructions.

The SSA-8203-BK may be used to conduct abridged UC Profile RZs. See SI 02305.073 for instructions. UC Profile cases will not be selected in FY 2007. However, if an individual in FLA B (or his/her representative payee) contacts a FO, determine whether there has been a change in the individual's living arrangements and the individual could now be in FLA A.

E. Procedure

1. Answer all questions

EXCEPTIONS: Partial completion of the SSA-8203-BK is allowed for UC Profile RZs and T30/T33 Start Date cases when an ineligible spouse becomes eligible for SSI.

2. Completing fill-in spaces on the paper forms

Fill-in spaces may be left blank when appropriate as described in SI 02305.072B.1.

F. Definitions

1. Discrepancy

A discrepancy is a conflict between the recipient's allegations and prior information SSA has. See SI 02305.070F.3. for the definition of prior information.

2. Reference date

The reference date is the retroactive date to which the recipient refers when responding to questions on RZ forms. See SI 02305.034C. to determine the reference date.

3. Prior information

Prior information means information housed in any of the following items:

  • MSSICS screens;

  • System queries;


  • All forms completed during the RZ;

  • Prior files housed in the FO (these files should be consolidated);

  • Initial claim folders being retained in the FO

  • Manual or computer listings.

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