HI 00815.000 State Enrollment of Eligible Individuals

Subchapter Table of Contents
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Policy and Background
HI 00815.001 State Buy-In Program General Description
HI 00815.003 State Buy-In Coverage Groups
HI 00815.006 The State Buy-In Agreement
HI 00815.009 State Buy-In Coverage Chart TN 18 09-17
HI 00815.012 Deemed Cash Recipients
HI 00815.015 Loss of a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Payment to an Individual in a Title XIX (Medicaid) Institution
HI 00815.018 When A Buy-In Coverage Period Begins
HI 00815.021 When A Buy-In Coverage Period Ends
HI 00815.023 Medicare Savings Programs Income Limits TN 8 03-05
HI 00815.024 SSA’s Role in Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) Applications TN 15 10-09
HI 00815.025 SSA Outreach to Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries – Extra Help and Medicare Savings Programs TN 20 12-18
Coordinating State Buy-In With the Claims Process
HI 00815.030 SSA DO/BO Procedures to Develop Buy-In Coverage in Initial Claims Cases — The Public Welfare Accretion Procedure
Coordinating State Buy-In With the Claims Process
HI DAL00815.030 Establishing State Buy-In For SMI In Initial Claims through the Public Welfare (PW) Accretion Process (RTN 05, 10/2015)
HI 00815.033 SSA/CMS Processing of PW Accretion
HI 00815.036 State Response to Public Welfare (PW) Accretion TN 19 12-18
HI 00815.039 Effect of Buy-In on the Individual
HI 00815.042 Enrollee's Rights After Termination of Buy-In Coverage
HI 00815.045 Establishing Buy-In Eligibility for Persons Who Refuse to Cooperate — State Accretions
HI 00815.048 Establishing Buy-In Eligibility for Persons Who Refuse to Cooperate — CMS Accretions Under SSI Program
HI 00815.051 Establishing Buy-In Eligibility for Deceased Individuals
HI 00815.055 Establishing State Buy-In Eligibility for Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Annuitants
HI 00815.060 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) State Buy-In Data Processing TN 17 08-17
HI 00815.063 Systems Processing of State Responsibility Items
HI 00815.066 Systems Processing of CMS Responsibility Items
Problem Case Procedures
HI 00815.070 State/Carrier/Intermediary/CMS/SSA Coordination on Problem Cases Involving HI Query Codes 42, 44, or 56
HI 00815.073 SSA DO/BO Assistance to States
HI DAL00815.073 Field Office (FO) Assistance to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission
HI 00815.076 SSA DO/BO Action Upon Receipt of HI/MBR Status Query (HMQ) Reply
HI 00815.079 Reconciliation of SSI Master Record and the SID (Supplemental Income Data) Line on the MBR
HI 00815.082 Social Security Administration Field Office (FO) Procedures for Resolving Individual State Buy-In Problem Cases Due to Problem with SSR-MBR Interface
HI 00815.085 SSA DO/BO Procedures for Resolving Individual Buy-In Problem Cases Not Involving SSR-MBR Interface
HI 00815.088 Servicing DO/BO Processing of CMS-1957
HI 00815.091 State Agency and Parallel DO Processing of CMS-1957
HI 00815.094 CMS Central Office Procedures for Resolving Buy-In Problem Cases
HI 00815.204 Form CMS-1957 (SSO Report of State Buy-In Problem)
HI 00815.205 Form HCFA-318-U2 (Carrier Notice of Part B Coverage)
HI 00815.208 Buy-In Form for Railroad Annuitants - Sample

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