DI 11050.000 Railroad (RR) Cases

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DI 11050.001 Use of Railroad (RR) Compensation in Disability Cases TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.005 Categories of Railroad (RR) Related Claims TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.010 Jurisdiction of Disability Applications Filed by Non-Vested Railroad (RR) Employees and Auxiliary Dependent RR Annuitants TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.015 Jurisdiction of Disability (DIB) and Freeze Applications for Career Railroad (RR) Employee and Surviving Dependent RR Annuitant TN 2 10-11
DI 11050.020 Disability Freeze Determinations for Railroad (RR) Employees TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.025 Processing New Initial Claim Filed if Joint RRB - SSA Freeze Previously Completed TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.030 Screening for Eligibility TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.035 Disposition of Disability Material When Career RR Employee Does Not File for SSA Benefits TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.040 Initial Claims Processing Involving Railroad (RR) Employment TN 2 10-11
DI 11050.045 Developing for Medical Evidence TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.050 Disability Claims Arising from Applications Filed with the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.055 Transferring Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Cases to Great Lakes Program Service Center - Disability Processing Branch (GLPSC-DPB) TN 6 05-23
DI 11050.060 Transferring Non-Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Cases to the State DDS or Great Lakes Program Service Center - Disability Processing Branch (GLPSC-DPB) TN 5 05-23
DI 11050.065 Additional Remarks for the SSA-831 (Disability Determination and Transmittal) for Railroad (RR) Cases TN BASIC 10-07
DI 11050.070 Guide Letter Referring NH to Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) TN 1 06-10

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