TN 11 (08-23)

RM 00207.045 FO Procedures — Auxiliary or Survivor Claimant Does Not Have SSN

A. Policy- Evidence Required

The requirements for an SSN in claims cases are the same as for any other SSN request, i.e., evidence of age, identity and U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status. If the applicant is age 12 or older, the mandatory in-person interview also must be conducted.

EXCEPTION: When an illegal alien will be paid benefits, obtain evidence of age and identity and process the SS-5 for a non-work SSN.

B. Procedure

1. General

Complete a Form SS-5 and process it for assignment of an SSN if the auxiliary does not have their own SSN.

NOTE: If the claimant is an illegal alien, do not assign an SSN until it is determined that benefits will be paid to the individual.

2. Claim Filed for Child

Many childrens' claims are filed by parents, guardians, or other proper applicants. If an SS-5 is completed by one of these persons for a child, have that person:

  • Identify themselves in item 17 of the SS-5

  • Submit evidence of their own identity

  • Submit the necessary evidence for the child, see RM 00207.045.

Explore the possibility that an SSN may have been issued for the child for a savings account, savings bonds, stocks or other financial assets taxable by IRS.

3. Forwarding the Claim

Do not delay forwarding claims to the PC when the auxiliary's or survivor's SSN is the only outstanding development. Explain the action taken in the remarks section of Routing Forms SSA-3293 or SSA-3601.


  • SS-5 for                in process.

  • Claimant being denied,                is an undocumented alien, no SSN will be assigned.

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