RM 03258.000 Processing Correspondence Related to ERISA (4230, 4231, 4235, 4237, 4356, 4406)

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RM 03258.001General Information on ERISABASIC 01-11
RM 03258.003Initial Examining and Coding (4231)BASIC 01-11
RM 03258.004SSA-L99-C1 Returned by RecipientBASIC 01-11
RM 03258.005General Response Guidelines for ERISA Correspondence (4406)BASIC 01-11
RM 03258.007Responding to ERISA Correspondence (4406)BASIC 01-11
RM 03258.009Employer/Plan Administrator Correspondence (4406)BASIC 01-11
RM 03258.010Lag PeriodBASIC 01-11
RM 03258.011Requesting MBR Printouts (4256)BASIC 01-11
RM 03258.013Scout for Schedule SSA InformationBASIC 01-11
RM 03258.015Complaints from the Public Regarding Pension Information Furnished(4406)BASIC 01-11
RM 03258.018Request for General Information about ERISA (4406)BASIC 01-11
RM 03258.020Addressing Envelopes for ERISA Related Correspondence (4406)BASIC 01-11
RM 03258.021Typing Replies to Correspondence Related to ERISA Requests (4235, 4237)BASIC 01-11
RM 03258.022Reviewing and Releasing Replies to ERISA Requests/Correspondence (4406)BASIC 01-11

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