TN 3 (04-23)

GN 00401.030 Recovery and Restoration of Damaged or Destroyed Documents

A. Introduction

A disaster may damage claims records (e.g., checks, claims files, etc.) or the physical facility itself. This section discusses activities involved in recovering or reconstructing claims folders damaged by a disaster. It does not address rebuilding SSA offices.

B. Action when damage occurs to claims or related records

1. Destruction of benefit checks

If checks were in the FO at the time of a disaster, refer to these instructions

  • GN 02406.700, General Information on Mass Loss of Checks

  • GN 02406.715, Payment Delivery Alert System (PDAS), Systems Processing of Mass Loss

NOTE: Obtain mail service updates by the US Postal Service (USPS) for disaster service interruptions, including check delivery situations, on their website.

2. Destruction of pending claims

In the event of the accidental loss or destruction of records, immediately send a report; include a description of the records and circumstances of the destruction to the SSA Records Officer. Follow these instructions:

  • Material Resources Manual, Chapter 01

  • Chapter 01, Section 07.01.07B.2.

When a disaster destroys claims folders, follow the instructions for Reconstruction – Destroyed Claims Folders GN 03105.010.

3. Destruction of local records

When local records (i.e., parallel Bureau of Vital Statistics (BVS), court office, etc.) are inaccessible due to disaster, follow the General Evidentiary Standards GN 00301.000.

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