TN 15 (02-06)

GN 00904.225 FSPs Trained in Claims Taking and Development

A. Introduction

To aid in processing claims from individuals outside the U.S., some FSPs (as shown in GN 00904.225C.) have been trained in the taking and development of Social Security claims and related issues.

For consular jurisdiction in countries having more than one claims-taking FSP, see NL 01510.100.

The FSPs listed in GN 00904.225C. accept and develop all types of Social Security claims. When the development is complete, the claim is forwarded to OIO.

Although the FSPs in Japan stock some SSA forms and applications, they are not trained in claims taking. Claims from Japan are developed in the same manner as those from other nonclaims-taking countries.

B. Process

1. FSP Action

Except as provided in GN 00904.225B.2., FSPs take applications by telephone (as explained GN 00203.015 and GN 00204.010), mail or in face-to-face interviews.

When a Form SSA-2514 (Record of Claimant’s Intent to File) is taken by a Federal Benefit Unit (FBU) employee, it will show the date and the signature, title and FSP of the employee preparing the form. Such an SSA-2514 is acceptable in the same manner as one prepared by an SSA employee.

2. Mandatory Face-to Face Interviews

Claims for monthly benefits from individuals in the following areas are taken in face-to-face interviews:

  • Dominican Republic;

  • Hong Kong:

  • Macao;

  • Mexico (except as provided in GN 00905.302); and

  • The Philippines.

C. List of Claims - Taking FSPS

The following list shows the countries and Foreign Service posts which are trained in claims taking. Unless otherwise shown, these offices have responsibility for all residents of that country.


Foreign Service Post


Embassy in Buenos Aires


VARO in Manila


Embassy in Vienna


Embassy in Brussels


The Embassy also has responsibility for claims-related activities in Luxembourg.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia

Costa Rica

Embassy in San Jose


Embassy in Zagreb


The Embassy also has responsibility for claims-related activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Slovenia.


Embassy in Oslo, Norway

Dominican Republic

Embassy in Santo Domingo


Embassy in Oslo, Norway


Embassy in Paris and consular agency in Nice


Consulate General in Frankfurt


Embassy in Athens

Hong Kong

Consulate General


Embassy in Dublin


NOTE: Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and serviced by London.


Consulate General in Jerusalem


Embassy in Rome and Consulate General in Naples


Embassy in Brussels, Belgium