TN 2 (05-09)

GN 01061.020 How to Process Underpayments

A. Introduction

This section shows how to process underpayments (UP).

B. Procedure for processing underpayments

1. Determine if the recipient is living or deceased and who should receive payment of the UP.

Reference: (GN 02301.020) or (GN 02301.030)

2. Determine how to authorize the payment of the UP.

This chart describes the steps to take to process the underpayment (UP).


THEN final authorizers

  • the UP recipient is already entitled to benefits on the same Social Security Number (SSN); or

  • the UP recipient was awarded the lump sum death payment (LSDP) and is due the UP in the same capacity; or

  • the UP recipient is due the UP for a benefit already awarded a deceased beneficiary

  • in PSCs: instruct the Benefit Technical Examiner (BTE) to pay the UP on form SSA-559, Transmittal Slip for Claims Folders.

  • in FOs: instruct the BTE to pay the UP on form SSA-3601, Claims Routing Form.

Reference: GN 01020.250

  • the claimant died before adjudication of the claim with accrued benefits or

  • the amended award to a deceased beneficiary results in UP

complete an Automated Form 101 (A101) or an Electronic Form 101 (EF101).

Reference: SM 00805.040

you make a survivors award on the same SSN

add a remark regarding the UP to the EF101 BCRN screen for survivors benefits to explain the basis of the UP.

Example: “Pay AU to D on ACCT of (name of deceased).”

the UP recipient is a nonresident alien

follow instructions in GN 05010.300

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