TN 3 (02-95)

GN 01703.310 How to Process Totalization Disallowances

A. Introduction

The specific method of processing the totalization disallowance varies. Although this section assumes that the initial RSDI denial has already been processed, this procedure may be used to document the file and close out a claim if the FO or IBO neglected to take this action. When the foreign coverage record is received, a denial may be in order. Refer to GN 01703.240 for specific instructions on processing initial U.S. claims in the modules.

B. Procedure

When disallowing a totalization claim or an application for a recomputation of totalization benefits:

  • Prepare an overprinted SSA-3428-U2. (See GN 01703.320 for specific instructions)

  • Enter the appropriate totalization denial paragraph and reconsideration paragraph.

    Note: NL 00711.305 provides examples of totalization denial paragraphs.

  • Send a notice to the claimant.

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