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GN 01712.005 How to Review and Complete Claims Taken by a Field Office (FO)

A. Introduction

Claims are taken in the Field Office (FO) under the Agreement with Norway.

B. Procedure

To review claims taken by the FO, take the following steps:


Step Action


Have all applications listed in GN 01711.215 been completed?

  • If yes, go on to step 2.

  • If no, request the FO to obtain missing application(s).


Is the claim restricted to either the U.S. or Norway?

  1. a. 

    If yes, is the reason for the restriction stated in the file, or is it obvious from other information included; e.g., the claimant is too young to claim benefits from Norway?

    • If yes, go on to step 3.

    • If no, request the FO to obtain a signed statement explaining the restriction.

  2. b. 

    If no, go on to step 3.


Is a current, complete U.S. earnings record in file?

  • If yes, include it in the claim package sent to

  • If no, request a totalization earnings record from OCRO. See GN 01704.570 for additional instructions on obtaining a certified earnings record.


Are lag earnings alleged on the U.S. application?

  • If yes, and the claim is for disability or survivors benefits or the U.S. earnings record does not show at least 8 QCs, develop for proof of lag earnings.

  • If no, go on to step 5.


Is claim for disability benefits from Norway?

  1. a. 

    If yes, did the claimant submit medical evidence or is medical evidence of record available in DIO?

    • If yes, include copies of medical evidence in the claim package.

    • If no, go on to step 6.

  2. b. 

    If no, go on to step 6.


Did claimant submit any additional evidence in support of the Norwegian claim?

  1. a. 

    If yes, prepare a claim package for Norway and include this evidence.

  2. b. 

    If no, prepare a claim package only for Norway.
    Do not develop for additional evidence.


Is the claimant filing for benefits from Norway?

  1. a. 

    If yes, send the claimant:

    • The appropriate Norwegian application (N/USA 1.1, N/USA 1.2 or N /USA 1.3)

    • An informational pamphlet

    • A notice which includes the following information:

      The Norwegian Insurance Institute requires the completion of the enclosed application to adjudicate your claim for a Norwegian pension. Therefore, please complete the enclosed application, sign it, date it, and mail it directly to:
      Folketrygdkontoret for Utenlandssaker
      P.O. Box 8131 DEP.
      0033 Oslo 1
      In addition, be sure to include the place of birth, last address, and date of last residence in Norway for the worker on the Norwegian application
      If you have questions concerning this claim, send your inquiry to this Norwegian address also.

    • Form SSA-795 (Statement of Claimant or Other Person) completed by the surviving spouse concerning employment or self-employment during the last two years.

  2. b. 

    If no, take no further action.

C. References

  • Preparing Claims Packages for Claims Filed Outside
    Norway, GN 01712.205.

  • FO Processing of Claims for Benefits Under a Totalization Agreement, GN 01702.001 - GN 01702.525

  • Applications and Required Evidence Obtained by the FO For Claims Filed Under the Agreement with Norway, GN 01711.205 - GN 01711.220

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