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GN 01724.010 How the Foreign Service Post (FSP) Develops and Processes Applications

A. Introduction

The FSPs in Paris and Nice take claims from individuals who wish to file for benefits under the agreement, and also assist in processing certain types of claims filed with the French Social Security Agency. In general, FSP staff follow the same procedures as SSA FOs when developing these claims. Special FSP routing and development procedures are explained below.

B. Procedure - Claimant contacts the FSP

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    When a claimant contacts the FSP in Paris or Nice to apply for U.S. benefits, obtain the following applications and information:

    • Form SSA-2490-F4, Application for Benefits Under a U.S. International Agreement. (See GN 01701.110).

    • Regular RSDI applications.

    • French work history statement if the claimant is not a French beneficiary and is not currently filing for French benefits.

    • Any evidence required to complete the claim.

    • Form SSA-e2960-U3-FR to request the French coverage record from the Center for Social Security for Migrant Workers if there is potential entitlement to U.S. totalization benefits.

      NOTE: Include the work history statement if one was obtained.

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    Refer the following information to DIO:

    • All claims for U.S. benefits.

    • A copy of Form SSA-e2960-U3-FR if a coverage record was requested from France.

    Generally, refer individuals who want to file claims for French benefits to the French local office.

    However, if the applicant wants to file a claim for French benefits with the FSP:

    • take a protective statement, and

    • forward it, under cover of the SSA-e2960-U3-FR, to the Center for Social Security for Migrant Workers.

      NOTE: The FSP in Nice performs all actions listed above but forwards the completed SSA-e2960-U3-FR to the U.S. Embassy in Paris to be stamped and forwarded to the Center for Social Security for Migrant Workers.

C. Process — Claimant files with french agency

Note: If the French agency is contacted by persons wishing to file for U.S. benefits they will refer them to the FSP

If the French agency receives a written request for U.S. benefits, they will send Form FR /USA 3, the written statement, and a coverage record to the FSP.

The FSP should determine if the claimant is already entitled to U.S. benefits.

  • If yes, the FSP forwards the material to DIO and annotates it “already entitled to U.S. benefits.”

  • If no, the FSP obtains Form SSA-2490-F4 (Part I) and the appropriate RSDI applications, and forwards the claim with Form FR/ USA 3 and the French coverage record to DIO

When the FSP receives notification of a claim from the French agency of persons under age 62, not disabled or otherwise obviously not entitled, the FSP sends a six-month close-out letter to the claimant.

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