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GN 01730.235 Facts About the Austrian Liaison Form A/USA 2

A. Process

The Austrian agencies use liaison form A/USA2 to:

  • transmit material to DIO or the FSP in Frankfurt

  • send information to DIO or the FSP, and

  • request information from DIO

B. Exhibit of form A/USA 2

C. Description of form A/USA 2

  • Important items on the first page are the U.S. SSN, the date the Austrian agency transferred the claim to the FSP, the type of claim and the application date.

  • Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 contain the usual identifying information about the worker and/or other claimants as well as evidence verification blocks. (See GN 01701.210 for the importance of those blocks.)

  • Part 5 contains a list of information that might be provided by the Austrian agency.

  • Part 6 contains a list of the types of information that an Austrian agency might request from DIO along with blocks to indicate whether the information is needed to process a claim under the agreement.

  • Part 7 contains the name and address of the specific Austrian office with jurisdiction as well as space for the official stamp and signature.

D. Procedure

In addition to the procedures for handling foreign agency liaison forms contained in GN 01704.800-GN 01704.835, apply the following:

  • In DIO, treat a check in the “APPLICATION FOR” block and entry in the “Date of application” line as a claims lead for U.S. benefits unless the Austrian agency indicated a “Date of Transfer to FSP” in the space provided for that entry.

  • Ensure that the “claim under the agreement” box is checked “yes” or that the file contains written consent before releasing information to the Austrian agency.

  • Refer to GN 01730.310 for instructions on requests for medical examinations in item 6.1 of the form.

  • Refer to GN 01730.320 for instructions on requests for citizenship or civil status in item 6.4 of the form.

  • Refer to GN 01730.330 for instructions on providing monthly benefit data.

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