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GN 01738.005 How to Review and Complete Claims Filed in a Field Office (FO) or the Claims Development Branch (CDB)

A. Introduction

An explanation of how the FO processes claims for benefits under the Agreement is given in GN 01702.100. GN 01737.205 - GN 01737.220 explains the required applications and evidence.

Applicants for Greek benefits file application Form SSA-2490-F4 (Application for Benefits Under a U.S. International Social Security Agreement) with the local FO. The FO will obtain any evidence readily available (see GN 01737.210). Greece will contact the claimant directly to secure any other necessary documentation.

B. Procedure

To review claims filed in the FO or processed through CDB, take the following steps.

Step Action


Have all applications and evidence listed in
GN 01737.215 been obtained?

  • If yes, go to step 2.

  • If no, request the FO, CDB, or FSP to obtain missing applications or evidence. If appropriate, depending on the country of residence, request information directly from the claimant.


Is a current, complete U.S. earnings record in file?

  • If yes, include it in any claim package sent to Greece.

  • If no, request a totalization earnings record from OCRO (See GN 01704.570).


Are lag earnings alleged on the U.S. application?

  • If yes, develop lag earnings.

  • If no, go to step 4.


Is there a claim for disability benefits from Greece?

  • If yes, did the claimant submit medical evidence or is medical evidence of record available in OIO?

    • If yes, include copies of medical evidence in the claim package.

    • If no, go to step 5.

  • If no, go to step 5.


Did claimant submit any additional evidence, including original insurance booklets, in support of the Greek claim?

  • If yes, prepare a claim package for Greece and include this evidence. Keep a certified photocopy of the insurance booklet in the OIO files.

  • If no, prepare a claim package for Greece.


Send a preprinted notice to the claimant informing him/her that:

  • you sent information concerning his/her claim to:

    Idryma Kinonikon Asfaliseon (IKA)
    8, Agiou Konstantinou Str
    10241 Athens

  • IKA will only contact him/her if further information is necessary.

  • if he/she is not contacted or if he/she has any questions concerning the Greek claim, contact IKA directly.


Determine if the Greek coverage record (GR/USA-5) has been requested by the FSP for claims processed through CDB.

  • If no, or if claim was filed in a FO, prepare an SSA-2960-U3-GR (U.S. - Greece Agreement on Social Security Transmittal/Request/Certification Form) requesting a Greek coverage record. Diary for 180 days.

  • If yes and the coverage record is in file, adjudicate the claim.

  • If yes, and the coverage record is not in file, diary for 180 days from the date of the FSP request.

  • If more than 180 days have elapsed, prepare an SSA-2960-U3-GR status request showing the FSP request date on the top line. Diary for 90 days.

Note: See GN 01701.210 for a discussion of verification of eligibility factors by foreign agencies.

C. References

Preparing Claim Packages for Claims Filed Outside Greece GN 01738.205

Preparing Claim Packages for Claims Filed in Greece GN 01738.210

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