GN 01739.000 Agreement with Chile

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 01739.001Overview of Agreement with ChileTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.010Overview of the Chilean Social Security SystemTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.015Coverage and Contributions under the Chilean SystemTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.020Chilean Social Security Benefits – Social Insurance SystemTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.025Chilean Social Security Benefits for the Private Insurance SystemTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.105Effective Date of the AgreementTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.110Scope of the U.S. and Chilean AgreementTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.120U.S. Totalization Benefits under the AgreementTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.125Eligibility for Chilean Benefits under the AgreementTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.140Applicability of Section 202(t)(1) Alien Nonpayment Provision under the Chilean AgreementTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.145Section 202(t)(11) U.S. Residency Requirement for Certain Dependents and Survivors under the Chilean AgreementTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.150Filing Appeals of Decisions on U.S. or Chilean ClaimsTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.205Evidence Required for U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Agreement with ChileTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.210Developing Evidence in Claims for Chilean BenefitsTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.215Application for Benefits under the AgreementTN 1 06-14
GN 01739.220Additional Applications for Chilean BenefitsTN 1 06-14

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